About Us

Our retreat space came to life in 2017. By creating this place, we truly hope to make a difference in people’s daily lives.  The name of our retreat space is inspired by a combination of naturally balanced elements and the setting that surrounds us. 

lipHe is located on a stunning piece of land in in our family's native village Kfarhata, the North of Lebanon, where we custom made eco-friendly cabins and a pool. We wanted this place to be fully in harmony with nature, this is why we also incorporated sustainable energy processes. 

The retreat space is surrounded by olive trees with numerous footpaths and trails within an area of outstanding natural beauty. Guests will have the opportunity to take walks and unwind.  The limited capacity of our space enables us to fully dedicate our time to each of our present guests. We are also keen on sharing our experiences with the visitors, we believe this is part of the holistic journey our retreat center offers.

At lipHe we aim to create a homey experience where it doesn’t feel like you are checking in to a hotel, but rather being invited to your friends’ home. 

We hope that by visiting lipHe, you will find a peaceful and relaxing home away from home.

Please enjoy exploring our site and if you need further information, let us know either by dropping us a line or by calling us!


The lipHe team